Scientific Program

Preliminary Schedule

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18 September 19 September 20 September 21 September 22 September
Post-Quantum Crypto
(Chair Masahide Sasaki)
QKD practice
(Chair Marcos Curty)
(Chair TBC)
QKD practice
(Chair Eleni Diamanti)
(Chair Christian Schaffner)
09:00 Mo11      Tutorial

Douglas Stebila (McMaster University)
Practical post-quantum key exchange

 Tu11     Tutorial

Andrew Shields (Toshiba Cambridge)
Core and access QKD networks

We11     Tutorial

Jamie Sikora (CQT)
Semi-definite programming in quantum cryptography

Th11     Invited talk
Wolfgang Tittel (University of Calgary)
Quantum teleportation across a metropolitan fibre network
Fr11     Tutorial

Christopher Portmann (ETH Zurich)
Composability in Quantum Cryptography

09:35 Th12

10Mb/s quantum key distribution

09:55 Th13

An efficient countermeasure against correlated intensity fluctuations in optical pulses on high-speed decoy BB84 QKD systems

10:30 Coffee
Network Coding
(Chair Mohsen Razavi)
(Chair Qiang Zhang)
(Chair Marco Lucamarini)
Ion-Trap Exp
(Chair Paolo Villoresi)
Money and Recycling
(Chair Dominique Unruh)
11:00 Mo21     Invited talk
Koji Azuma (NTT)
Quantum Network Coding
Tu21    Invited talk
Chengzhi Peng (USTC)
Satellite-Based QKD
We21     Invited talk
Valerio Scarani (CQT)
Th21     Invited talk
Ian Walmsley (University of Oxford)
Hybrid Quantum Networks

Experimental Quantum Money


Experimental demonstration of practical unforgeable quantum money


Multi-path multi-flow entanglement routing in a quantum network


Drone-based Quantum Key Distribution


A semi-device-independent framework based on natural physical assumptions and its application to random number generation


Entanglement distillation between solid-state quantum network nodes


Quantum Authentication and Encryption with Key Recycling


Realistic parameter regimes for a single sequential quantum repeater


Handheld Quantum Key Distribution


Post-Quantum Security of Fiat-Shamir


Quantum key distribution over multicore fiber based on silicon photonics


Quantum non-malleability and authentication


Networked Quantum-Secured Communications with Hand-held and Integrated Devices: Bristol’s Activities in the UK Quantum Communications Hub


Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution in practical scenarios


Post-quantum security of the sponge construction


The European Coordinated Effort to develop the Metrology for Quantum-Cryptography


Quantum authentication with key recycling

12:35 Lunch
14:00 CV-QKD
(Chair Hari Krovi)
Free Afternoon Comm complexity
(Chair TBC)
Industry Session
(Chair Norbert Lutkenhaus)
(Chair Roger Colbeck)
Mo31     Invited talk
Anthony Leverrier (INRIA Paris)
Theoretical challenges of CV quantum cryptography
We31     Invited talk
Dave Touchette (University of Waterloo)
Quantum information complexity
What is BT doing with QKD?
Andrew Lord
BT Labs
Standards for Quantum Random Number Generators
Bruno Huttner
Panel Discussion
Fr31     Invited talk
Morgan Mitchell (ICFO)
Metrological approach to quantum random number generation (and a QRNG on a chip)

Reliable numerical key rates for quantum key distribution


Provably secure key establishment against quantum adversaries


Device-independent Randomness Amplification and Privatization


Pilot-Disciplined CV-QKD with True Local Oscillator


One-Shot Private Classical Capacity of Quantum Wiretap Channel: Based on one-shot quantum covering lemma


Randomness in nonlocal games between mistrustful players


Experimental demonstration of the differential quadrature phase shift protocol


Computational Notions of Quantum Min-Entropy

15:35 Tea Tea
Secure Computing
(Chair Thomas Vidick)
Poster Session 1 Poster Session 2
16:00 Mo41

Limitations on Transversal Computation through Quantum Homomorphic Encryption


Quantum Fully Homomorphic Encryption With Verification


On the implausibility of classical client blind quantum computing


Quantum Tokens for Digital Signatures


Reconfigurable network for quantum digital signatures mediated by measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution

17:30 End End
Parallel Symposium
Assurance and Certification for Quantum Communication Technologies
Light Dinner
18:00 Public Lecture
(Simon Singh)
18:30 Qcrypt Business Meeting
19:00 Reception Conference Dinner Best Student Paper and Poster Award Ceremony followed by Rump Session (until approx 20:00)


Paper NoTimeTypeAuthorsTitleAbstractVideoSlides
Mo1109:00TutorialDouglas Stebila (McMaster University)Practical post-quantum key exchangeVideo
Mo2111:00InvitedKoji Azuma (NTT)Quantum Network CodingVideo
Mo2211:35ContributedMihir Pant, Hari Krovi, Don Towsley, Leandros Tassiulas, Liang Jiang, Prithwish Basu, Dirk Englund and Saikat Guha.Multi-path multi-flow entanglement routing in a quantum networkAbstractVideo
Mo2311:55ContributedFilip Rozpedek, Kenneth Goodenough, Jeremy Ribeiro, Norbert Kalb, Valentina Caprara Vivoli, Andreas Reiserer, Ronald Hanson, Stephanie Wehner and David ElkoussRealistic parameter regimes for a single sequential quantum repeaterVideo
Mo2412:15ContributedPhilip Sibson, David Lowndes, Stefan Frick, Alasdair Price, Henry Semenenko, Francesco Raffaelli, Dan Llewellyn, Jake Kennard, Yanni Ou, Fotini Ntavou, Emilio Hugues-Salas, Andy Hart, Richard Collins, Anthony Laing, Chris Erven, Reza Nejabati, Dimitra Simeonidou, Mark Thompson and John RarityNetworked Quantum-Secured Communications with Hand-held and Integrated Devices: Bristol's Activities in the UK Quantum Communications HubAbstractVideo
Mo3114:00InvitedAnthony Leverrier (INRIA Paris)Theoretical challenges of CV quantum cryptographyVideo
Mo3214:35ContributedPatrick Coles, Adam Winick and Norbert LutkenhausReliable numerical key rates for quantum key distributionAbstractVideo
Mo3314:55ContributedFabian Laudenbach, Bernhard Schrenk, Christoph Pacher, Roland Lieger, Edwin Querasser, Gerhard Humer, Michael Hentschel, Hannes Hübel, Chi-Hang Fred Fung, Andreas Poppe and Momtchil PeevPilot-Disciplined CV-QKD with True Local OscillatorAbstractVideo
Mo3415:15ContributedGeorge Roberts, Marco Lucamarini, James Dynes, Seb Savory, Zhiliang Yuan and Andrew ShieldsExperimental demonstration of the differential quadrature phase shift protocolAbstractVideo
Mo4116:00ContributedMichael Newman and Yaoyun ShiLimitations on Transversal Computation through Quantum Homomorphic EncryptionAbstractVideo
Mo4216:20ContributedGorjan Alagic, Yfke Dulek, Christian Schaffner and Florian SpeelmanQuantum Fully Homomorphic Encryption With VerificationAbstractVideo
Mo4316:40ContributedScott Aaronson, Alexandru Cojocaru, Alexandru Gheorghiu and Elham KashefiOn the implausibility of classical client blind quantum computingAbstractVideo
Mo4417:00ContributedShalev Ben-David and Or SattathQuantum Tokens for Digital SignaturesAbstractVideo
Mo4517:20ContributedGeorge L. Roberts, Marco Lucamarini, Zhiliang Yuan, James Dynes, Lucian Comandar, Andrew W. Sharpe, Andrew Shields, Marcos Curty, Ittoop V. Puthoor and Erika AnderssonReconfigurable network for quantum digital signatures mediated by measurement-device-independent quantum key distributionAbstractVideo


Paper NoTimeTypeAuthorsTitleAbstractVideoSlides
Tu1109:00TutorialAndrew Shields (Toshiba Cambridge)Core and access QKD networksVideo
Tu2111:00InvitedChengzhi Peng (USTC)Satellite-Based QKDAbstractVideo
Tu2211:35ContributedAlexander Hill, Joseph Chapman, Kyle Herndon, Christopher Chopp, Daniel Gauthier and Paul KwiatDrone-based Quantum Key DistributionAbstractVideo
Tu2311:55ContributedPeter Freiwang, Gwenaelle Melen, Jannik Luhn, Tobias Vogl, Markus Rau, Clemens Sonnleitner, Wenjamin Rosenfeld and Harald WeinfurterHandheld Quantum Key DistributionAbstractVideo
Tu2412:15ContributedChao Wang, Wei Chen, Fang-Xiang Wang, Yu-Yang Ding, Yong-Jun Qian, Shuang Wang, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Guang-Can Guo, and Zheng-Fu HanMeasurement-device-independent quantum key distribution in practical scenariosAbstractVideoSlides


Paper NoTimeTypeAuthorsTitleAbstractVideoSlides
We1109:00TutorialJamie Sikora (CQT)Semi-definite programming in quantum cryptographyVideo
We2111:00InvitedValerio Scarani (CQT)Self-testingVideo
We2211:35ContributedThomas Van Himbeeck, Erik Woodhead, Nicolas Cerf, Raul Garcia-Patron Sanchez and Stefano PironioA semi-device-independent framework based on natural physical assumptions and its application to random number generationVideo
We2311:55ContributedDominique Unruh.Post-Quantum Security of Fiat-ShamirVideo
We2412:15ContributedJan Czajkowski, Leon Groot Bruinderink, Andreas Hülsing, Christian Schaffner and Dominique UnruhPost-quantum security of the sponge constructionVideo
We3114:00InvitedDave Touchette (University of Waterloo)Quantum information complexityVideo
We3214:35ContributedAleksandrs Belovs, Gilles Brassard, Peter Hoyer, Marc Kaplan, Sophie Laplante and Louis Salvail.Provably secure key establishment against quantum adversariesVideo
We3314:55ContributedJaikumar Radhakrishnan, Pranab Sen and Naqueeb WarsiOne-Shot Private Classical Capacity of Quantum Wiretap Channel: Based on one-shot quantum covering lemmaVideo
We3415:15ContributedYi-Hsiu Chen, Kai-Min Chung, Ching-Yi Lai, Salil Vadhan and Xiaodi WuComputational Notions of Quantum Min-EntropyVideo

We401Osama Elmabrok, Masoud Ghalaii and Mohsen RazaviWireless Access to Quantum Networks
We402Gan Wang, Zhengyu Li, Ziyang Chen, Yucheng Qiao and Hong GuoLight Source Monitoring in Quantum Key Distribution with Photon Number Resolving Detector at Room Temperature
We403Mikio Fujiwara, Ryota Wakabayashi, Masahide Sasaki and Masahiro TakeokaDouble-port pumped time-bin entangled photon pair generation using Si ring resonator
We404Linxi Hu, Yuanjia Wang, Jindong Wang and Guangqiang HeContinuous-variable quantum key distribution using coherent polarization state discretely modulated by an intrinsically stable polarization-modulated unit
We405Davide Nuzzi, Gabriele Baldi, Paola Verrucchi and Alessandro CuccoliEnvironmental symmetries and channel classification for secure quantum communication
We406Arne Kordts, Dino Solar Nikolic, Tobias Gehring, Ulrik Lund Andersen, Cosmo Lupo and Thomas Brochmann PedersenEntropy source evaluation of a vacuum fluctuation based quantum random number generator
We407Adeline Orieux, Marc Kaplan, Vivien Venuti, Tanumoy Pramanik, Isabelle Zaquine and Eleni DiamantiExperimental detection of steerability for Bell-local states with two measurement settings
We408Sarah Johnson, Andrew Lance, Lawrence Ong, Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam, Timothy Ralph and Thomas SymulOn the problem of non-zero word error rates for fixed-rate error correction codes in continuous variable quantum key distribution
We409Poompong Chaiwongkhot, Katanya Kuntz, Anqi Huang, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Shihan Sajeed, Norbert Lutkenhaus, Thomas Jennewein and Vadim MakarovEffect of atmospheric turbulence on spatial-mode detector efficiency mismatch
We410Maor Ganz and Or SattathQuantum coin hedging, and a counter measure
We411Nitin Jain, Christian Jacobsen, Dino Solar Nikolic, Arne Kordts, Cosmo Lupo, Ruben Grigoryan, Tobias Gehring, Ulrik Andersen, Thomas Pedersen and Stefano PirandolaInvestigating feasibility of broadband continuous variable quantum key distribution in telecom fibers with local local oscillator
We412Romain AlleaumeHybrid quantum cryptography: everlasting security with performances beyond QKD
We413Tobias Gehring, Fabian Furrer, Christian Schaffner, Christoph Pacher, Roman Schnabel and Stephanie WehnerExperimental Continuous-Variable Oblivious Transfer
We414Ziyang Chen, Zhengyu Li, Yulong Feng, Gan Wang and Hong GuoClassical-Noise-Suppressed Quantum Random Number Generator Based On Phase Noise
We415Guangqiang He and Ya-Dong WuContinuous-variable measurement-device-independent multipartite quantum communication
We416Yongmin Li, Shanna Du, Zongyang Li, Wenyuan Liu and Xuyang WangHigh speed time-domain balanced homodyne detector
We417Shengjun Ren, Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Xinke Tang, Richard Penty and Ian WhiteReference pulse attack on continuous variable quantum key distribution with local local oscillator
We418Nigar Sultana, Jin Gyu Lim, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Vadim Makarov and Thomas JenneweinCubeSat detector assembly for investigating in-orbit mitigation of radiation damage
We419Lev VaidmanSecurity of counterfactual communication
We420Ross Donaldson, Luca Mazzarella, Robert Collins, John Jeffers and Gerald BullerState comparison amplification of optical quantum coherent states
We421Davide Bacco, Beatrice Da Lio, Daniele Cozzolino, Yunhong Ding, Kjeld Dalgaard, Karsten Rottwitt and Leif OxenløweExperimental DPTS protocol over 170 km fiber-based link
We422Evgenii Kiktenko, Nikolay Pozhar, Maxim Anufriev, Anton Trushechkin, Ruslan Yunusov, Yuriy Kurochkin, Alexander Lvovsky and Aleksey FedorovMaintaining quantum-secured blockchain with urban fiber quantum key distribution network
We423Laszlo GyongyosiDecentralized Routing and Diameter Bounds in Entangled Quantum Networks
We424Soeren Wengerowsky, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Fabian Steinlechner, Hannes Huebel, Anton Zeilinger and Rupert UrsinQuantum Communications Network Based on Polarization Entanglement at Telecom Wavelength
We425Fabian Laudenbach, Christoph Pacher, Fred Fung, Momtchil Peev, Andreas Poppe and Hannes HübelPractical noise models for CV-QKD implementations
We426Ramij Rahaman and Guruprasad KarQuantum Anonymous Veto Protocol
We427Can Yang, Cheng Ma, Linxi Hu and Guangqiang HeA hierarchical modulation coherent communication scheme for simultaneous four-state continuous-variable quantum key distribution and classical communication
We428Joseph Chapman, Charles Ci Wen Lim, Christopher Zeitler and Paul KwiatHyperentangled Time-bin and Polarization QKD for Space Applications
We429Elham Kashefi, Luka Music and Petros WalldenThe Quantum Cut-and-Choose Technique and Quantum Two-Party Computation
We430Anqi Huang, Shi-Hai Sun, Zhihong Liu and Vadim MakarovDecoy state quantum key distribution with imperfect source
We431Nitin Jain, Paritosh Manurkar, Prem Kumar and Gregory KanterEnhancing performance and security of practical quantum communication using quantum frequency conversion
We432Ken-Ichiro Yoshino, Mikio Fujiwara, Kensuke Nakata, Tatsuya Sumiya, Toshihiko Sasaki, Masahiro Takeoka, Masahide Sasaki, Akio Tajima, Masato Koashi and Akihisa TomitaQuantum key distribution with an efficient countermeasure against intensity fluctuations in optical pulses
We433Masahiro Kumazawa, Toshihiko Sasaki and Masato KoashiSecure decoy-state quantum key distribution with calibration of unknown light sources
We434Sebastian Ecker, Fabian Steinlechner, Matthias Fink, Bo Liu, Jessica Bavaresco, Marcus Huber, Thomas Scheidl and Rupert UrsinTowards high-dimensional entanglement-based quantum communication in free space
We435Marco Avesani, Davide Marangon, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo VilloresiUltrafast and passive source-device-independent Quantum Random Number Generator
We436Mohammad Al-Amri, Zhenghong Li, Xihua Yang and M. Suhail ZubairyCan we have a secure Quantum network?
We437Christopher Chunnilall, Robert Kirkwood, Pravin Patel and Alastair SinclairThe development of accurate measurements to provide assurance for QKD technologies
We438James Troupe and Jacob FarinholtQuantum Cryptography with Weak Measurements
We439Thomas Cope, Leon Hetzel, Leonardo Banchi and Stefano PirandolaTeleportation Simulation of non-Pauli Channels
We440Akihiro Mizutani, Toshihiko Sasaki, Go Kato, Yuki Takeuchi and Kiyoshi TamakiInformation-theoretic security proof of differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution protocol based on complementarity
We441Bruno Huttner and Matthieu LegreQuantum-Enhanced Physical Layer Cryptography: A new paradigm for free-space key distribution
We442Rupesh Kumar, Adrian Wonfor, Richard Penty and Ian WhiteQuantum-Classical Transmission on Single Wavelength
We443Piotr K. Tysowski, Xinhua Ling, Norbert Lutkenhaus and Michele MoscaThe Engineering of a Scalable Multi-Site Communications System Utilizing QKD
We444Daan Leermakers and Boris SkoricOptimal attacks on Quantum Key Recycling with qubits
We445Laszlo GyongyosiMulticarrier Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution
We446Hao Qin, Anqi Huang and Vadim MakarovShort pulse attack on continuous-variable quantum key distribution system
We447Michael Hentschel, Bernhard Schrenk, Roland Lieger, Edwin Querasser and Hannes HübelLow-Cost Single-Laser Differential Phase Shift Transmitter Towards SFP-based QKD Tail-End Optics
We448Rob ThewPath Entangled Quantum Networks
We449Yingming Zhou, Weiqi Liu, Tao Wang, Peng Huang and Guihua ZengHigh-precision phase compensation for continuous-variable quantum key distribution with feedback optimization technique
We450Mauro Persechino, Luis Trigo Vidarte, Melissa Ziebell and Paul CrozatCorrelations with on-chip detection and modulation for CVQKD
We451Davide G. Marangon, Alan Plews, Marco Lucamarini, James Dynes, Andrew Sharpe, Zhiliang Yuan and Andrew ShieldsLong term test of a fast and compact Quantum Random Number Generator
We452Vladimir SoukharevPost-Quantum Elliptic Curve Cryptography
We453Evgeny Kiktenko, Nikolay Pozhar, Maxim Anufriev, Alexander Duplinsky, Alan Kanapin, Alexander Miller, Vadim Rodimin, Alexander Sokolov, Vasily Ustimchik, Sergey Vorobey, Anton Losev, Anton Trushechkin, Aleksey Fedorov, Vladimir Kurochkin and Yury KurochkinQKD network on mixed encoding schemes
We454Yanbao Zhang, Patrick Coles, Adam Winick and Norbert LutkenhausSecurity proof of quantum key distribution with detection-efficiency mismatch
We455Ryan Amiri, Petros Wallden and Erika AnderssonAlmost tight lower bounds for 1-out-of-2 quantum oblivious transfer
We456Weilong Wang and Marcos CurtyFinite-key Security Analysis of Quantum Key Distribution with Information Leakage
We457Gláucia Murta, Suzanne van Dam, Jérémy Ribeiro, Ronald Hanson and Stephanie WehnerChallenges for a DIQKD implementation
We458Muataz Alhussein and Kyo InoueMDI-DPS-QKD utilizing QSS setup
We459Robert Collins, Ryan Amiri, Mikio Fujiwara, Toshimori Honjo, Kaoru Shimizu, Kiyoshi Tamaki, Masahiro Takeoka, Ross Donaldson, Masahide Sasaki, Erika Andersson and Gerald BullerQuantum Digital Signatures Transmitted Over a Channel Loss Equivalent to 134 km
We460Misael Caloz, Boris Korzh, Claire Autebert, Nuala Timoney, Matthieu Perrenoud, Markus Weiss, Christian Schönenberger, Richard Warburton, Hugo Zbinden and Félix BussièresAmorphous MoSi SNSPDs with a low time jitter and a high detection efficiency
We461Alexander Dixon, Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Hideaki Sato, Shinichi Kawamura, Mikio Fujiwara and Masahide SasakiFibre characterisation for quantum key distribution field trials
We462Zhihao Liu and Hanwu ChenImprovement of Controlled Bidirectional Quantum Secure Direct Communication Network Using Classical XOR Operation and Quantum Entanglement
We463Weiqi Liu, Yingming Zhou, Jinye Peng, Peng Huang and Guihua ZengPractical Security of Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Imperfect Random Basis-Choice Operations
We464Sumeet Khatri and Norbert LutkenhausNumerical evidence for bound secrecy from two-way postprocessing in quantum key distribution
We465Peng Huang, Tao Wang and Guihua ZengAsynchronous continuous-variable quantum key distribution against practical attacks
We466Kyongchun Lim, Changho Suh and June-Koo Kevin RheeContinuous variable quantum key distribution protocol with photon subtraction at receiver
We467Francesco Raffaelli, Giacomo Ferranti, Dylan Mahler, Philip Sibson, Jake Kennard, Alberto Santamato, Gary Sinclair, Damien Bonneau, Mark Thompson and Jonathan MatthewsAn On-chip Homodyne Detector for Generating Quantum Random Numbers and Measuring Coherent States
We468Hans H. Brunner, Lucian C. Comandar, Fotini Karinou, Stefano Bettelli, David Hillerkuss, Fred Fung, Dawei Wang, Spiros Mikroulis, Maxim Kuschnerov, Andreas Poppe, Changsong Xie and Momtchil PeevLow-noise, low-complexity CV-QKD architecture
We469Matthew Thornton, Callum Croal, Imran Khan, Christoph Marqurdt, Gerd Leuchs and Natalia KorolkovaGigahertz quantum signatures compatible with telecommunication technologies
We470Qin Liao, Ying Guo, Duan Huang, Peng Huang and Guihua ZengA novel long-distance continuous-variable quantum key distribution scheme with state-discrimination receiver and non-Gaussian operation
We471Stuart Gray, Jun Yang, Bruce Aitken and Daniel NolanCoherence lifetime of chalcogenide glasses for quantum memory applications
We472Matteo Schiavon, Luca Calderaro, Mirko Pittaluga, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo VilloresiThree-observer Bell inequality violation on a two-qubit entangled state
We473Anton Kozubov, Andrei Gaidash, George Miroshnichenko, Dmitri Horoshko and Arthur GleimPractical security for subcarrier wave quantum key distribution against collective beam-splitting attack.
We474Daniel Gauthier, Nurul Islam, Charles Lim, Jungsang Kim and Clinton CahallHigh-Rate Quantum Key Distribution with Time-Bin Qudits
We475Maciej StankiewiczRandomness amplification using independent devices arbitrarily correlated with the Santha-Vasirani source
We476Joo Yeon Cho, Thomas Szyrkowiec and Helmut GriesserQuantum Key Distribution as a Service
We477Thomas Cope and Roger ColbeckExploiting no-Signalling Extremal Distributions to find Bell Inequalities
We478Sarah Noles and Abhishek ParakhPosition-Based Quantum Cryptography for Multi-located Prover and Single Verifier
We479Jie Yang, Jinlu Liu, Qi Su, Fan Fan and Bingjie XuA 5.4 Gbps real time quantum random number generator with simple implementation
We480Masoud Ghalaii, Rupesh Kumar, Carlo Ottaviani, Stefano Pirandola and Mohsen RazaviContinuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution Enhanced by Quantum Scissors


Paper NoTimeTypeAuthorsTitleAbstractVideoSlides
Th1109:00InvitedWolfgang Tittel (University of Calgary)Quantum teleportation across a metropolitan fibre networkVideo
Th1209:35ContributedZhiliang Yuan, Alan Plews, Ririka Takahashi, Kazuaki Doi, Winci Tam, Andrew Sharpe, Alexander Dixon, Evan Lavelle, James Dynes, Akira Murakami, Marco Lucamarini, Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Hideaki Sato and Andrew Shields10Mb/s quantum key distributionVideo
Th1309:55ContributedAkihisa Tomita, Ken-Ichiro Yoshino, Mikio Fujiwara, Tatsuya Sumiya, Toshihiko Sasaki, Kensuke Nakata, Akio Tajima, Masato Koashi, Masahiro Takeoka and Masahide SasakiAn efficient countermeasure against correlated intensity fluctuations in optical pulses on high-speed decoy BB84 QKD systemsVideo
Th2111:00InvitedIan Walmsley (University of Oxford)Hybrid Quantum NetworksVideo
Th2211:35ContributedNorbert Kalb, Andreas Reiserer, Peter Humphreys, Jacob Bakermans, Sten Kamerling, Naomi Nickerson, Simon Benjamin, Daniel Twitchen, Matthew Markham and Ronald HansonEntanglement distillation between solid-state quantum network nodesAbstractVideoSlides
Th2311:55ContributedYunhong Ding, Davide Bacco, Kjeld Dalgaard, Xinlun Cai, Xiaoqi Zhou, Karsten Rottwitt and Leif OxenloweQuantum key distribution over multicore fiber based on silicon photonicsAbstractVideo
Th2412:15ContributedIvo Pietro Degiovanni, Stefan Kueck, Geiland Porrovecchio, Ivano Ruo-Berchera, Christopher J. Chunnilall, Marco Gramegna, Toomas Kubarsepp, Andrei Pokatilov, Farshid Manoocheri and Aigar VaiguThe European Coordinated Effort to develop the Metrology for Quantum-CryptographyAbstractVideo

Th401Carlo Ottaviani, Cosmo Lupo and Stefano PirandolaThermal quantum cryptography: Solutions at the microwave regime
Th402Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, Alice Meda, Giorgio Brida, Marco Genovese, Alberto Tosi and Zhiliang L YuanBackflash as a security threat for quantum key distribution: quantification and protection
Th403Andrei Gaidash, Anton Kozubov, Vladimir Egorov, Artur Gleim and George MiroshnichenkoAnalysis of modulation parameters inequality in subcarrier wave quantum communication and its application to countering unambiguous state discrimination attack
Th404Tao Wang, Peng Huang and Guihua ZengPolarization-multiplexing self-coherent phase reference in continuous-variable quantum key distribution
Th405Shihan Sajeed, Carter Minshull, Nitin Jain and Vadim MakarovInvisible Trojan-horse attack
Th406Yijia Zhao, Yichen Zhang, Song Yu and Hong GuoDominant Noise Source in DWDM Scheme of 1550nm Continuous-variable Quantum Key Distribution
Th407Ilhwan Park, Junsang Oh, Yongseen Kim and Junekoo RheeNovel CV QKD Protocol: Guess How You Got It
Th408Ying Guo, Qin Liao, Yijun Wang, Duan Huang, Peng Huang and Guihua ZengPerformance improvement of continuous-variable quantum key distribution with an entangled source in the middle via photon subtraction
Th409Carlo Ottaviani, Cosmo Lupo, Riccardo Laurenza and Stefano PirandolaMultipartite measurement-device independent quantum cryptography: Conferencing and secret sharing
Th410Mingyao Xu and Qian BaoRecent development status of compact 2K GM cryocoolers
Th411Shi-Hai Sun, Guangzhao Tang, Chun-Yan Li and Linmei LiangExperimental Demonstration of Passive-Decoy-State Quantum-Key-Distribution with Two Independent Lasers
Th412Takuya Hirano, Ryo Namiki, Motoharu Ono, Tsubasa Ichikawa, Masato Yoshida, Toshihiko Hirooka, Keisuke Kasai and Masataka NakazawaDemonstration of quantum cipher communication using quadrature amplitude modulation technologies over 100 km optical fiber
Th413Oleg Bannik, Vladimir Chistyakov, Lenar Gilyazov, Konstantin Melnik, Artur Vasiliev, Narkis Arslanov, Andrei Gaidash, Anton Kozubov, Vladimir Egorov, Sergei Kozlov, Artur Gleim and Sergei MoiseevMultinode subcarrier wave quantum communication network
Th414Scott Vinay, Mark Pearce and Pieter KokThe Quantum Trojan Horse Attack
Th415Minjin Choi, Yonghae Lee and Soojoon LeeQuantum secret sharing and Mermin operator
Th416Vinod MishraLower Dimensional Sections of Qutrit State Space using 3-Dimensional Vectors
Th417Atul Mantri, Tommaso Demarie, Nicolas Menicucci and Joseph FitzsimonsFlow ambiguity: A path towards classically driven blind quantum computation
Th418Alasdair Price, John Rarity and Chris ErvenQuantum Key Distribution Without Sifting
Th419Wenyuan Wang, Feihu Xu and Hoi-Kwong LoImproving performance of decoy-state free-space QKD using information on fluctuating transmittance in turbulent channel
Th420Seung-Woo Lee, Timothy C. Ralph and Hyunseok JeongA complete linear optic Bell measurement for long distance quantum communication
Th421Metin Toyran, Mustafa Toyran and Sıtkı ÖztürkNew Approaches to Increase Efficiency of Cascade Information Reconciliation Protocol
Th422Seung-Woo Lee and Jaewan KimA phase-randomized coherent state by cross-Kerr nonlinearity for quantum key distribution
Th423Jasper Rödiger, Nicolas Perlot, Ronald Freund and Oliver BensonTime-Frequency QKD over Free-Space and Fiber Channels
Th424Suzanne B. van Dam, Peter C. Humphreys, Filip Rozpedek, Stephanie Wehner and Ronald HansonMultiplexed entanglement generation over quantum networks using multi-qubit nodes
Th425Cosmo Lupo, Carlo Ottaviani, Panagiotis Papanastasiou and Stefano PirandolaComposable Security of Measurement-Device-Independent Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution against Coherent Attacks
Th426Akira Murakami, Ririka Takahashi, Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Hideaki Sato, Tomoaki Chiba and Masao NagasakiGenome analysis data transmission using quantum cryptography
Th427Álvaro Navarrete, Wenyuan Wang, Feihu Xu and Marcos CurtyCharacterising linear optical networks with decoy-state techniques
Th428Yang Liu, Juan Miguel Arrazola, Wen-Zhao Liu, Ignatius William Primaatmaja, Qiang Zhang, Valerio Scarani and Jian-Wei PanExperimental covert communication over metropolitan distances
Th429Daniele Dequal, Luis Trigo Vidarte, Eleni Diamanti, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo VilloresiFeasibility of satellite QKD with continuous variable
Th430Anna Pappa and Elham KashefiMultiparty Delegated Quantum Computing
Th431Ryan Parker, Jaewoo Joo, Mohsen Razavi and Timothy SpillerHybrid Photonic Loss Resilient Entanglement Swapping
Th432Ding Yuyang, Chen Wei, Chen Hua, Wang Chao, Li Yaping, Wang Shuang, Yin Zhenqiang, Guo Guangcan and Han ZhengfuPolarization-basis tracking scheme for quantum key distribution using revealed sifted key bits
Th433Gustavo LimaHigh-dimensional decoy-state quantum key distribution over multicore telecommunication fibers
Th434V. Vilasini, Christopher Portmann and Lídia Del RioComposable Security in Relativistic Quantum Cryptography*
Th435Cupjin Huang and Yaoyun ShiQuantum hashing is maximally secure against classical leakage
Th436Lior Eldar and Peter ShorA Discrete Fourier Transform on Lattices with Quantum Applications
Th437Zahra Raissi, Christian Gogolin, Arnau Riera and Antonio AcínConstructing optimal quantum error correcting codes from absolute maximally entangled states
Th438Kevin Günthner, Ömer Bayraktar, Andreas Thurn, Christian Peuntinger, Dominique Elser, Christoph Marquardt and Gerd LeuchsTransmission and distillation of quantum states on a turbulent atmospheric channel
Th439Niraj Kumar, Adeline Orieux, Eleni Diamanti and Iordanis KerenidisEfficient quantum communications with coherent state fingerprints
Th440Andrea Stanco, Davide Giacomo Marangon, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo VilloresiVersatile Random Numbers Extraction by Single Photon Detection
Th441Min Soo Lee, Minki Woo, Jisung Jung, Il Young Kim, Yong-Su Kim, Sang-Wook Han and Sung MoonQuantum hacking of free-space QKD system by wavelength control with an
Th442Tao Shang, Ke Li and Jianwei LiuContinuous-variable quantum network coding for coherent states
Th443Yanbao Zhang, Emanuel Knill, Peter Bierhorst and Scott GlancyQuantum Randomness from Probability Estimation with Classical Side Information
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Th480Panagiotis Papanastasiou, Carlo Ottaviani and Stefano PirandolaFinite-size analysis of thermal and continuous-variables measurement-device-independent quantum cryptography


Paper NoTimeTypeAuthorsTitleAbstractVideoSlides
Fr1109:00TutorialChristopher Portmann (ETH Zurich)Composability in Quantum CryptographyVideo
Fr21 and Fr2211:00ContributedJian-Yu Guan, Juan Miguel Arrazola, Ryan Amiri, Qiang Zhang, Norbert Lutkenhaus and Jian-Wei PanExperimental Quantum MoneyAbstractVideo
ContributedMathieu Bozzio, Adeline Orieux, Luis Trigo Vidarte, Isabelle Zaquine, Iordanis Kerenidis and Eleni DiamantiExperimental demonstration of practical unforgeable quantum money
Fr2311:40ContributedSerge Fehr and Louis SalvailQuantum Authentication and Encryption with Key RecyclingAbstractVideo
Fr2412:00ContributedGorjan Alagic and Christian MajenzQuantum non-malleability and authenticationVideo
Fr2512:20ContributedChristopher PortmannQuantum authentication with key recyclingVideo
Fr3114:00InvitedMorgan Mitchell (ICFO)Metrological approach to quantum random number generation (and a QRNG on a chip)AbstractVideoSlides
Fr3214:35ContributedMax Kessler and Rotem Arnon-FriedmanDevice-independent Randomness Amplification and PrivatizationVideo
Fr3314:55ContributedHonghao Fu, Carl Miller and Yaoyun ShiRandomness in nonlocal games between mistrustful playersVideo
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