Rump Session

For the first time in QCrypt history, QCrypt 2017 will feature a rump session, which is an open-microphone event including food and drinks. It will take place on the evening of Thursday 21 September 2017.

  • Do you have breaking news, progress reports, conference/journal announcements or other topics of interest to the quantum-cryptographic community?
  • Can you keep your talk short and entertaining?

Conference participants each have an opportunity for up to ten minutes of fame to present breaking news, humorous takes on the subject etc. at the open microphone but need to submit a topic title two days ahead to the rump session organizers.

The Rump Session will be chaired by the two founding fathers of our field, namely the B’s in BB84: Charlie Bennett and Gilles Brassard. As long-time attendants of our conference in various roles including as skit actors, it is an honour to have them chair the rump session of this year’s edition.

If you would like to give a talk, please send an email to by

Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 23:59 UK time  specifying the following four items:

  • Title and presenter
  • A brief summary (not for publication): e.g.
    1. We can do QKD over 1000km without repeaters.
    2. I have completely broken a commercial CV QKD system.
    3. I have found a new application for the quantum internet.
    4. Alice will prove that Bob doesn’t know Jack.
  • Requested duration of your slot in minutes; if you request more than 10 you may not understand the concept of a Rump Session. The maximum allowed time might be reduced if we receive an unprecedented number of exciting submissions.
  • Explanation (not for publication) of why this talk belongs in the Rump Session: In order of decreasing interest to the Rump Session chairs, these are:
    1. Money: I have already bribed the Rump Session chairs.
    2. Will be funny: I really, really promise.
    3. Real Breaking News: obtained this result last week in the pub/lab.
    4. Partial News: obtained this result last month in our lab.
    5. New Boring Stuff: The result is on arxiv and has been accepted for some major conference/journal, so most of you will hear about it, but let me bore you twice with my result.
    6. Very Boring Stuff: Has been accepted in some minor journal none of you will read, so I am going to bore you with it here instead.
    7. Bitter and Rejected: The result was unfairly rejected from the regular program.